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TEST offers architectural, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and telecommunication engineering solutions. With such services, TEST provides complete engineering concepts that are functional, innovative and in line with client goals and financial budgets.

Mission Statement

TEST mission is to satisfy its clients' needs for architectural consulting services, by understanding their needs and offering them high quality professional services, management and effective solutions.



In our focus to meet client needs, we employ the use of the best multi-discipline coordinated concept engineering possible.

Our People

The professional quality, character and experience of our team results in a culture dedicated to employ the most innovative and effective solutions in the industry, construction technology, economic and engineering practice.

Our skills and qualities are used effectively to provide award winning solutions to our clients' needs, while accommodating the goals and financial abilities of the project owner.


Our emphasis on teamwork and effective communication is also reflected in our strong relationship with contractors in achieving excellent results in bid pricing, good quality and completion time. The result is an outstanding final product.


In every aspect of our work, an emphasis is placed on teamwork, effective communication and sensible solutions to each set of complex parameters.



Why Us

We are dedicated to help our clients achieve their goals by understanding their needs, offering quality management, professional . . .
Our Certificates

Our numerous prizes and achievement certificates are proof of our excellence.
Articles & Press Coverage

Technical Studies Bureau (TEST) always strive to achieve International Standard which has appeared in the worldwide . . .